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should I get slay the spire
Some bosses can be quite fierce! (Taken from Mega Crit Games @

Some games stay under the radar of the masses until they are picked up by a streamer and suddenly it enters the pool of the mainstream titles. Even though Slay the spire isn’t a triple AAA game, should you invest in Slay the Spire?

Players who like cardgames, collecting, and turn-based battles will certainly like Slay the spire. It’s a game by Mega Crit Games that lets you pick three different characters, each with their own decks and powers, in order to climb three stages of a tower and reach the end. Each stage features a big boss that’s quite strong and requires you to use your cards wisely and effectively.


You start the game with a few cards and a relic and as the game progresses and you defeat monsters and encounter random events, your deck grows stronger and you acquire more relics. The monsters vary in size and strength and each one of them needs a different approach.

The random encounters can be nerve-wrecking: you’re left with a few health points from your last battle and a random encounter can be another fight, a lootchest, or something that has you losing even more HP.

Upgrading your deck and acquiring new cards changes the whole run, for the better or worse. Randomly acquiring cards might help a bit, but you’re often left without a meaningful tactic in fights that turn out harder than you expected.

The boss battles are hard, especially in the harder modes after you complete a run with a specific character for the first time. Each character has their own traits and types of cards, which make for different runs.

should I get slay the spire
Plenty of choice in the decks you want (Taken from Mega Crit Games @

Worth investing because

  • Every run is different from the previous ones
  • The deck building is open to different strategies
  • Different monsters require different tactics
  • The relics do interesting things to your spire run

Not worth investing because

  • Some runs can be very unfair and almost feel completely random in terms of victory
  • Having only one goal can be boring eventually
  • Once you’ve done a few runs, some of the cards feel useless

Investment advice

Slay the spire isn’t a triple AAA title that has you spending the full buck, but the hours it delivers for the money it does cost are plenty. Completionists are sure to have a great time with this little gem.

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